By Karlee Lewis

Delaney Keefe (She/Her); Political Science & Pre-Law; Senior; General Manager

Recently appointed, up-and-coming, spice-hound interested in spreading friendship, safe spaces and knocking people's socks off with the sweet sounds of rock ’n’ roll. In addition to spinning independent and tuneful slow jams, I work as a home care aide and have an internship with NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center and John Elledge & Assoc PC. I also run a talk show on WXJM called Dame Theory on Sundays at 7 p.m.

Why do you love WXJM?

I value having a community in college where I feel safe and supported where we work together to make everyone feel welcome. There's a place for everyone here, and such a wide range of interests and goals. Everyone fits in together and feels safe. That's a really cool thing.

Cecily Thomas (They/Them); Communication Studies; Senior; Business Manager

This is Cecily (they/them). When Cecily isn't managing WXJM finances she's working one of three jobs, in class or managing Madison Equality — JMU's only student-led LGBTQ+ organization. In their free time they love crocheting, breaking gender binary norms, binge watching shows they've already completed, crying about school,  practicing intersectional social justice and getting tasty snacks. Sometimes two or more things at once. Which ones? Find out next on Cecily Does Life (tm).

Why do you love WXJM?

I love WXJM because of the sheer nature of college radio; the implications that a student's perspective can have on society, as well as the opportunity for music expression through local philanthropy is truly an honor. WXJM is JMU's students’ way of showing community talent and expressing their own voice through music, as well as creating a community for College Radio folks of all backgrounds.


By Karlee Lewis

Atika Chadha (She/Her); Graphic Design; 5th Year Senior; Program Director

I make really bad dad jokes despite not being a dad. I love talk radio, art and photography.

Why do you love WXJM?

It’s my home at JMU! I joined in December of 2014 and it’s been the one thing that’s been consistent in my life throughout these crazy years. I love all the people I’ve met, the shows I’ve gone to and the music I’ve discovered. Long live college radio!


Second Line:

By Karlee Lewis

Heather Eckstine (She/Her); SMAD; Senior; Big Events

I’m from Virginia Beach, Virginia. My favorite genre of music is definitely tied between acoustic indie rock and hardcore. Photography and traveling to different shows are two of my favorite things to do (when i have time).

Why do you love WXJM?

I’ve found a family in a place where I was once really uncomfortable. It gives me an outlet and a place to just chill whenever I need it!


Liz Engelbrecht (They/Them); Math & Physics; Sophomore; Community Events

Hey! I'm Liz. I'm from northern Virginia and I’m part of the queer community. When I'm not in classes I like to either read or watch sci-fi, and sometimes I play guitar. I love going to house shows and am always down to hang with new people.

Why do you love WXJM?

WXJM has provided me with a close-knit group of friends who have introduced me to new music and are open and supportive!


Sara Brennan (She/Her); SMAD & Social Work; 5th Year Senior; Philanthropy Director

Originally from Maryland, I chose JMU because I loved the city of Harrisonburg and I wanted a school that would allow me to pursue both Journalism and Social Work even if it took five years. I really enjoy new experiences, weird food and small, opinionated dogs. If I could invent a career I think I'd like to be a therapist for animals. Swipe right!

Why do you love WXJM?

I love WXJM because it's opened up a whole separate side to my college experience. I've loved getting to know others who are also passionate about music and art, and are actively working to preserve and expand that part of our community. I also really like being able to broadcast my streams of consciousness to the general public. It's like a fun twitter.


Morgan Dowsett (She/Her); Health Sciences; Sophomore; Music Database Manager

I’m a second year JMU student who is passionate about music by playing it in my band, and discovering and promoting new songs through the radio. My job is to maintain the CD review spreadsheets and google drive, as well as convert song files and add metadata tags so they can be ingested into our system. My favorite part of the job is creating an easier to use and better organized system for our members.

Why do you love WXJM?

I love WXJM because it makes me feel like I have a home here. It’s an extremely supportive organization with some of the kindest and coolest people I have met here at college. Being a part of this community has definitely shaped my college experience for the better. Long live WXJM!


Ingrid Basheda (She/Her); SMAD; Senior; Head of Publicity

I'm a Seinfeld aficionado and I eat the cheese off of bagel bites first.

Why do you love WXJM?

I've met the best people through WXJM. I joined my sophomore year but wished I had joined sooner. I've done an indie rock show every semester and this is my second year on second line as part of the publicity team. My music taste has grown more than I ever thought possible thanks to this station and the local music scene.


Chrissy Garrett (She/Her); SMAD; Junior; Publicity Designer

In addition to WXJM I am also the copy editor for JMU’s yearbook, The Bluestone, and I work as a graphic design and publicity assistant for Career & Academic Planning. When I’m not at the station or in Harrison Hall you can probably find me watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” or eating macaroons at Heritage Bakery!

Why do you love WXJM?

WXJM has been a wonderful experience for me from the beginning. It allowed me to make most of my friends, expand my music knowledge, find another form of media that I love and find a place that I feel like I truly fit in!


Maddi Parker (She/Her); SMAD; Senior; Web Content Manager

I’m originally from Ohio and have been obsessed with independent radio since I was a kid. I just started with the station, but have always wanted to join since my freshman year. I can’t wait to see what happens with this semester. If I’m not blasting music, you can find me binge watching “That ’70s Show” or writing blog pieces.

Why do you love WXJM?

WXJM gives an outlet to local and independent artists that may not have the social standing to share their music, like other larger musicians. It’s amazing to see people come together because of their love of music and desire to share it with the Harrisonburg and JMU community. I feel like I’m a part of something that I will always treasure in my future.


By Karlee Lewis

Kyle Sandhoff (He/Him); Math & SMAD; Senior; Live Team

“Just a city boy born and raised in south Detroit.” (lyrics from Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Belevin’’)

Why do you love WXJM?

Because it loves me back.


Susannah Hosay (She/Her); Global Justice; Sophomore; Live Team

After college I’m going to travel around the country for a little bit and see what happens. I’m always down to go on a drive, hike or see a show. Just let me know!

Why do you love WXJM?

I love WXJM because it’s an inclusive and positive environment that makes JMU more enjoyable.


By Karlee Lewis

Jack Hales (He/Him); International Affairs; 5th Year Senior; Local Director

I found WXJM my freshman year, transferred out of JMU for a semester and ended up returning partially because of the friends I'd met through WXJM. I love the music community here and have seen so many incredible shows in Harrisonburg. I'm very excited to add more local and DIY artists to the database! You can hear my music as a member of Your Ex's Pets, Dead Bedrooms or Receipt if you'd like.

Why do you love WXJM?

I love WXJM because it's such a special community that also helped introduce me to a lot of amazing music.


Ian Buchanan (He/Him); 5th Year Senior; SMAD & Sociology; Independent Director

Hello friend, I am a 5th year senior and Harrisonburg native. You can find me lurking in your favorite neighborhood basement either playing music, donating to the touring bands or working as part of the Macrock committee. I might seem intimidating at first but I promise I’m really friendly. I’m just shy :). I want to be your friend. If you want to be mine, too, I’ll make you a cup of coffee, and we can sit on my porch and listen to ambient beats to study to (10 hour loop).

Why do you love WXJM?

I’ve made so many friends and expanded my music and music industry knowledge so much through the station. (I even got an internship in New York because of it). WXJM holds a special place in my heart and I can’t imagine my college experience absent from 88.7 on y’er fm dial.

Quinn Smith (He/Him); Economics; Senior; Independent Director

Hey all! I’m in my third year with the station and am excited to promote and spin new, innovative and creative music on the radio from a range of artists. My passions and hobbies include discovering music, playing the bass, attending live shows, hiking and adventuring. Feel free to shoot me an email for any reason at all, but especially if you would like to send along your band’s music.

Why do you love WXJM?

WXJM serves as an outlet for socially and musically underrepresented people, artists and bands, so they can share their craft and creations openly in a judgement-free environment. The sense of community that the station fosters is important in the daily lives of its members and listeners. The people I’ve met due to WXJM are some of the coolest and most interesting people I know. I could keep going, but to put it simply WXJM is great.


Drew Hessler (He/They); Political Science; Junior; Loud Rock Director

Rookie slime boy who loves to scream. I hope to supply the punkest members of WXJM with the kind of cathartic rage only loud rock can provide. I’m currently working towards law school with the hope of one day dismantling the prison industrial complex and the myriad of injustices that accompany it.

Why do you love WXJM?

I love WXJM because it gave me a place where I finally belong. When I came to college I was a closeted, trans-kid who loved punk more than anything. I was angry at just about everybody all of the time because I didn’t think I’d ever find a place where I would fit in. When I joined WXJM and became part of the music scene here in Harrisonburg a lot of that anger faded away because I had found a community of artists and friends who accepted me for who and what I was. Long live college radio, baby!!


Camila Maric (She/Her); Vocal Performance; Sophomore; Americana Director

I am a Peruvian mezzo who loves the mandolin and hates bigots. In my free time I’m usually either jamming, singing, arranging or listening to music. Besides music I enjoy traveling, biking and reading. As the americana director I hope to encourage local americana musicians to play more house shows (because who wouldn’t go to a bluegrass house show). I’m also music director of JMU’s premier co-ed a cappella group, the Overtones.

Why do you love WXJM?

WXJM was the first organization I joined when I got to JMU. I love WXJM because I feel safe and comfortable whenever I’m at an event. I also love talking to an audience that can’t talk back.



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Sara Brennan-

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Morgan Dowsett

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