Managing Staff

​​​Morgan Dowsett (She/Her); Public Health; Senior; General Manager​​​​​​​​​

Headshot of WXJM General Manager, Morgan Dowsett.

Morgan Dowsett is a senior Public Health major and this is her second year serving as General Manager of WXJM. She works as a pharmacy technician, enjoys playing house shows and writing music, and loves to paint in her free time. She has been a radio DJ since her Freshman year and currently hosts an Indie Rock show.​​ Contact:

I love how WXJM has given me a space to grow both creatively and professionally, and I have been inspired by the resilience and passion of the radio community despite the many challenges it has faced. 

Lauren O'Connor (She/Her); Marketing; Junior; Program Director

Headshot of the WXJM Program Director, Lauren O'Connor.

Lauren O'Connor is a Marketing Major with a music industry minor. When she's not running around busy 24/7 she loves hiking, cooking, and playing around on her bass. Lauren has always been passionate about music and she is beyond excited to serve as the Program Director for this year!​ ​​

Second Line

Andrew Blackwell (He/Him); WRTC; Junior; Senior Music Director & Audio Tech

Headshot of the WXJM Music Director and Audio Tech, Andrew Blackwell.

Andrew is a WRTC major who loves all kinds of music, from pop to folk to metalcore. He is originally from Northern Virginia, and he loves to get involved with local and underground music scenes. He also loves writing fiction and audio engineering. Contact:

Candace "Ri" Johnson (She/Her); Communications & Music Industry; Senior; Music Director

Headshot of Music Director, Candace Johnson.

Candace Johnson prefers to go by Ri (short for Rihannon). She is going into her senior year, studying Communications and Music Industry. Since 8th grade, her love for music has grown and grown which is why she would love to work as an A&R rep some day! Contact: 

Jordan Snovell (He/Him); Business Management; Junior; Music Director

Jordan Snovell is a Business Management major. He also serves as one of the Music Directors for WXJM. Jordan also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. Contact: 

I love WXJM because it brings people together through music.

Logan Sanders (He/Him); Marketing; Senior; Events Director

Logan Sanders is the WXJM community events director for 2020-2021.  Logan is a marketing major with a music industry minor and is also the Amplify director for UPB. In his free time, Logan enjoys finding new music and going to concerts. Contact:

Herbert "Herb" Padilla (He/Him); Marketing; Senior; Booking Director

Herb is passionate about all things music, and his favorite genres are hip-hop, electronic, and alternative rock (big Tame Impala fan). Herb fell in love with going to live shows his freshman year of high school, and has attended 80+ concerts and festivals since then. As Booking Director for the station he hopes to bring genre diversity for the live shows and continue to promote the talent in the local community. Feel free to pass along artist and band booking suggestions, or hit him up just to talk music. Contact:

WXJM is run by students, for students. I am passionate about working for an organization that focuses on promoting the best interest of the community.

Katie Weaver (She/They); Anthropology; Senior; Talk Director

​Katie is a senior Anthropology major with a minor in Italian. She is also part of Give Volunteers and JMU Quiz Bowl. Outside of frequently editing podcasts and playing music in the station on Friday afternoons, she can be found hanging around Carrier Library or cooking meals that take less than 20 minutes.​ Contact:

I love WXJM because it’s a great way for students to find different ways of self-expression. And the people you meet along the way are amazing!

Rebecca Bonifacio (She/Her); Communications & SMAD; Senior; Social Media Manager

In her free time, you can find Rebecca playing Sims 4, listening to Beach House alone in her bedroom, or discussing government conspiracies. Rebecca loves National Parks, activism, indie music & graphic design. She is also a tour guide at JMU. Contact:

I love WXJM because it's an organization that genuinely encourages you to be yourself. There is no other org like WXJM on JMU's campus and it has brought me such unique experiences. Long live college radio! 

Nolan Harrington (He/Him); ISAT; Junior; Web Designer

Nolan is responsible for managing WXJM’s web development and design. Nolan is also a member of PlayMU, the campus gaming club, and University Innovation Fellows. He loves alternative and electronic music. When not listening to music, he is either playing video games, making art, or sleeping. Contact: