• Foxing questions reality with new record

    By Nick Piccinino [Photo Credit: By Theo R. Welling [CC BY-SA 3.0  (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons] At first glance, the title of Foxing’s third studio album “Nearer My God” sounds like it would make for a peaceful, intimate record full of self-reflection and devotion. While everything  mentioned rings true, the ...
  • The Orwells: A Response

    By Maddelynne Parker In recent modern-rock news The Orwells have disbanded, according to their social media, in response to several allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse against three band members. These actions were first published on a Reddit feed last week with instances of homophobic language thrown into the stream ...
  • The Folk Ups

    Chill Americana to nurse that post Friday night dread DJs: Cici Humphrey, social work majro and Mary Galvin, vocal performance major
  • Brenna and Andrew

    DJs: Brenna McFarland and Andrew Magruder
  • Roadside Blasphemy

    Hosts: Abby Church, SMAD major, Jonah Howells and Tessa Lawrence
  • Rockbottom

    The sweet soothing melodies of traffic and sleep deprived college students deep in the valley DJ: Liz Engelbrecht, Math/Physics majors
  • Blue Rock Indie

    Discover hidden gems in artists and songs, while being entertaining and informed on various topics of life DJs: Waqar Shozab, Health Sciences major, and Kyle Wittkowski, Communication Studies major
  • Cheese Date

    Just as one would develop a complex plate of cheese we will bring you a nuanced platter of indie-rock to savor until your heart is content DJs: Ian Buchanan, SMAD/Sociology majors and Julia Pasquale, Dance/Religion majors
  • Good Take Live

    Hosts: James Faris and Noah Ziegler. You can also find them and their show @GoodTakePod
  • Alex Hogge

    DJ: Alex Hogge