• Queerly Beloved

    Hosts: Cecily Thomas, Paula Richards Description: A talk show hosted by queers giving you the queerest updates, education, and fun talks ever
  • Roadside Blasphemy

    Hosts: Mike Dolzer, Abby Church, Magi Jo Linscott and Julia Nelson Description: A discussion on current events, politics and other blasphemous topics.
  • Sophie Gibbs

    DJ: Sophie Gibbs (AKA DJ Sophocles), biology major Description: 95% kewl music, 5% witty banter, 300% Smokey the Bear
  • No Right on Red

    DJs: Callie Carlstrom, DJ Clams- Econ Major; Chris Davis, DJ CD- Finance Description: Food for your ears
  • Sweaty Nuisance

    DJs: Ingrid Basheda-SMAD, DJ Bash. Sara Brannon-Social Work, DJ Nannarb of the North. Description: great music. terrible people.
  • Freeform Mix

  • Decaf Discourse

    Hosts: Heather Eckstine, SMAD major/Music Industry minor, Jonah Howells (English & SMAD with Creative Writing minor) Description: Heather and Jonah answer questions and engage in decaf discourse.
  • Nick Piccinino

    DJ: Nick Piccinino
  • WXJM Live

    Hosts: Katie Feinberg aka Chatty Kathy (SMAD major)  & Emily Olivier aka DJ M Dash (SMAD major) Description: Live bands perform and answer questions in WXJM's longest running show
  • '70s Dinner Party

    Hosts: Atika Chadha & Elisabeth Cunningham, Graphic Design Majors Description: Art, music, culture, politix, hot topics....usually the cool kind, sometimes the mall goth kind.