• Queerly Beloved

    A talk show hosted by queers giving you the queerest updates, education, and fun talks ever Hosts: Cecily Thomas
  • No Right on Red

    Food for your ears DJs: Callie Carlstrom (DJ Clams), Economics major and Chris Davis (DJ CD), Finance major
  • Sweaty Nuisance

    Just two gals trying to make it in this world by playing indie music whilst sprinkling in hot topics, like the correct pluralized form of octopus and the current state of Nicholas Cage's career DJs: Ingrid Basheda (DJ Bash), SMAD major and Sara Brannon (DJ Nannarb of the North), SMAD ...
  • WXJM Live

    Live bands perform and answer questions in WXJM's longest running show Hosts: Susannah Hosay & Kyle Sandhoff
  • Shut Up & Listen, If You Want

    Semi-important show with hot topics — mostly the cool kind and sometimes the mall goth kind Hosts: Claire Downey, SMAD/Anthropology major, Atika Chadha and Elisabeth Cunningham, Graphic Design majors
  • JMU Sports Talk Radio

    JMU, college and professional sports Hosts: Tenney Rosenblum, Political Science major and Dominic Catapano, Accounting major
  • Dis is Definitely De Way

    Wacky Hip Hop Sundays DJs: Bryce Livi (DJ Beerice), History major and Harrison Reilly (DJ Treemeister), Engineering major.
  • Leo DiRusso

    DJ: Leo DiRusso  
  • Cosmic Sans

    A fun, funky and chill way to end your weekend on the right note. Featuring mostly indie tunes with some funny comments sprinkled in. DJs: Chrissy Garrett and Atticus Jones, SMAD majors
  • Guess Who?

    They have two completely different music tastes, can you guess which DJ played that song? DJs: Maddi Parker, SMAD major and Rob DuBois, music major